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It's HOT! The temperatures continue to rise and could reach triple digits this summer! Summer is horrific for dogs that are confined by a chain or in a pen with little to no shade, sometimes without fresh water to stay cool and hydrated. Most dogs in this situation do not receive monthly flea or tick preventatives so they become infested with these parasites. "Man's Best Friend" should never be left chained/penned, isolated and alone with little or no shelter, food or water, suffering day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year with no choice but to weather the elements to include the dreadful heat and the summer thunder storms.

Unchained Melodies reaches out to find these poor, neglected dogs and offer help for them.  We work directly with owner's to educate them of the needs of these animals, and offer solutions.  From a dog house with straw, to food, vetting and re-homing, we are there to help.  Dogs can be reported to us through our Report a Dog form and we will reach out to the owners offering food, shelter, veterinary care and ultimately a new home where they can become a family pet.

Because of  YOUR donations, we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the dogs that need us most.  Chained, penned, abused and neglected dogs that have no voice now have a chance at a happy life. We will continue to educate, legislate and rescue these dogs until one day they will all be free from the pain and chain that binds them.


Unchained Melodies Inc. is a ALL VOLUNTEER, nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained/penned dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family as a companion pet. Unchained Melodies Inc. educates, legislates and rescues the chained/penned backyard dog and fights against animal abuse and cruelty. The goal of this organization is to advocate for the chained/penned backyard dog or any dog who has no voice and cannot help or protect themselves. Unchained Melodies Inc. educates owners and the community, and offers many free services to include vetting, training and re-homing of dogs and most importantly, raises awareness in the community regarding these issues.  This organization is also at the forefront of creating, strengthening and enforcing local ordinances and laws.

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