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IT'S HOT!  Mid-Missouri has been reaching record breaking heat indexes.  It is very dangerous for dogs to be confined in a pen or bound by a chain, often times sitting directly in the blazing sun, no water, no relief in site.  Dogs confined in this manner cannot be instinctive by accessing cool areas or finding water which they know would help them survive the heat.

Because of  YOUR donations, we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the dogs that need us most.  Chained, penned, abused and neglected dogs that have no voice now have a chance at a happy life. We will continue to educate, legislate and rescue these dogs until one day they will all be free from the pain and chain that binds them.



Unchained Melodies Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained/penned dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family as a companion pet. Unchained Melodies Inc. educates, legislates and rescues the chained/penned backyard dog and fights against animal abuse and cruelty. The goal of this organization is to advocate for the chained/penned backyard dog or any dog who has no voice and cannot help or protect themselves. Unchained Melodies Inc. educates owners and the community, and offers many free services to include vetting, training and re-homing of dogs and most importantly, raises awareness in the community regarding these issues.